Is It Just Back Pain in San Francisco CA?

Is It Just Back Pain in San Francisco CA?

Is It Just Back Pain in San Francisco?

If you have had back discomfort at any point in your life, you are in the vast majority of people in San Francisco CA. After doing the heavy or uncomfortable lifting, or after a particularly strenuous workout, most of us may feel back discomfort at some point. If the discomfort is caused by a strained muscle, it will most likely go away on its own after a few days of resting the muscle. If the pain is not muscular in nature, you may be dealing with a more serious condition, most likely spinal disc damage. Our San Francisco CA chiropractor can provide assistance.

Common Injuries in San Francisco CA

These kinds of injuries are not rare, and they may be exceedingly uncomfortable. It is critical to understand the structure of the spine, particularly the discs, and how they contribute to your total spinal health in order to maintain good health. This is especially true in situations when they are herniated or weakening as a result of a degenerative condition like arthritis.


The intervertebral discs, which act as a cushion between each of the vertebrae, are what give the spine its shape. Their composition is similar to that of cartilage, with a soft gel-like core and a stronger shell, ligamentous wall, that surrounds and encapsulates the entire disc. They are connected to the vertebrae and serve as a form of shock absorber and cushion, preventing the vertebrae from rubbing against one another during movement. Not only do they protect against impact, but they also serve an important function in maintaining the spine's flexibility while also making it exceedingly powerful.

When a disc protrudes or bulges, it means that the gel in the middle of the disc is beginning to push out against the disc's tougher outer shell or ligamentous wall, but that this wall has not yet been ruptured. According to statistics, approximately 60% of individuals really have one or more bulging discs, but they are asymptomatic, meaning they are not suffering any signs of discomfort as a result. Disc herniation occurs when the internal gel begins to rip through the outer ligamentous wall of the disc, progressing from what is considered protruding to what is called herniated. In the event of a disc bulge or herniation, nerve irritation and inflammation can occur, as well as possible numbness and, in some cases, severe pain.

When the internal gel of the disc entirely breaks through the tougher ligamentous wall of the disc, it is known as a ruptured disc or disc extrusion. This is a dangerous condition that requires immediate medical attention. It is possible that severe back pain and highly limited movement will result if the gel is allowed to escape.

Get started now on the path to finding relief and restoring your quality of life! Call our San Francisco CA chiropractic team now to book a consultation so that we can better understand your situation and how to treat it using conservative methods.


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