Sports Medicine in San Francisco CA

sports massage for faster sports injury rehabilitation

Are you looking for sports medicine in San Francisco CA? Exercise Rehabilitation to speed up recovery from sports injuries, and build your stamina and strength.

Our chiropractor San Francisco sports medicine chiropractic treatments offer a balanced, holistic approach, by using spinal and extremity chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy techniques, acupuncture, and massage to help the patient’s muscles, tendons, and ligaments return to their normal function. Sports injuries most commonly occur during sports or exercise but are not limited to athletes.

Common Sports Injuries we treat in San Francisco CA

  • Shoulder Injuries: Rotator cuff injury, shoulder impingement, shoulder instability
  • Elbow Injuries: Tennis elbow, Golfer’s elbow, Ulnar impingement, and collateral ligament injury
  • Knee Injuries: Runner’s knee, mild meniscus tears, ITB syndrome
  • Leg Injuries: Groin pull, Hamstring strain, Shin splints
  • Ankle Injuries: Ankle sprain, Achilles tendinitis, Tarsal tunnel syndrome
  • Foot Injuries: Plantar Fasciitis

Athletic injuries may cause significant pain and debilitation taking you away from the sports that you enjoy. Our chiropractor San Francisco at Chiro-Health, Inc specializes in treating athletic injuries without surgery. Don’t put off seeking chiropractic care in San Francisco if you have sports injuries. Chiro-Health, Inc San Francisco chiropractors and therapists are here to get you on the path to recovery from sports injury through natural chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage care.


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