• San Francisco Acupuncturist Shermie Cadabona, LAC, CMT

    Pain Management
    Chronic Inflammation
    Neurological Conditions

    Shermie Cadabona works with busy professionals whose muscle/joint pain, stress, or fatigue get in the way of living the active life they love. Using acupuncture and massage therapy, she helps clients boost their natural energy and achieve lasting relief from pain and stress. As a result, Shermie’s clients are able to perform their best at work, home, or play, and live life to the fullest. Shermie is a California state licensed acupuncturist and certified massage therapist. She received her training at American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM) in San Francisco, California, and San Francisco School of Massage (SFSM). In addition to her Chinese medical skills, Shermie is also a practitioner and teacher of Filipino Martial Arts and Jeet Kune Do/MMA Concepts. She is dedicated to individualized treatment for those in her care, and strives to inspire others to discover their own unique path to health and healing.