• What You Can Expect

  • What to Expect at Chiro-Health

    what_to_expectIf you’re like most people, your first visit to Chiro-Health will also be your first visit to a chiropractic office. If so, there’s no need to be nervous about your appointment. While we can’t promise to make you feel 100-percent better after your first time here, we can promise you’ll feel comfortable and well-treated through your entire visit.

    And we promise to begin a process that will result in great strides for your health and wellness.

    Your First Appointment: New Patient Examination And History

    At your first visit we will take an extensive health history and perform a thorough examination using over 150 tests including Range Of Motion (ROM), orthopedic, neurological, soft tissue and spinal alignment. These objective measures of your spine, joints, nerves and muscles will be used to better assess your condition and help determine the cause of your symptoms.

    If necessary, x-rays will be taken. You will also receive chiropractic treatment, massage and appropriate physiotherapy “modalities” (or treatments).