• What Our Patients Say

  • What Our Patients Say

    What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice.  Review a selection of Chiro-Health patient testimonials below and please email us or contact the office if you have any questions. You can also read more patient testimonials on Yelp.

    Yours in health,
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    Chiropractic Care for Over 13 Years

    I’m a 36-year old man, athletic and active who has been using chiropractic now for over 13 years. During that time, I’ve had about 7 chiropractors and I can say unequivocally that Amelia Mazgaloff is the best one of the bunch.

    She is thorough, and applies a broad range of techniques and tools in treatment (including x-ray, and orthotics). One of the things I look for in a chiropractor is good, solid adjustments with little effort, and Dr. Mazgaloff is an expert.

    The other thing that’s great about Dr. Mazgaloff is that her goal is to get you on the road back to health. She is proactive about giving you exercises to do outside of treatment, and she will STAY ON YOU to do them while exercising great patience and understanding for where you are and whatever you can accomplish. Her committment to the health of her patients is unwavering, and in a couple of instances, has seen me on last minute notice when I’ve really needed it, often re-arranging her schedule to make it happen.

    If you need a chiropractor in SF, look no further. ~Brent Ross

    Relief From Plantar Fasciitis

    I began to have Plantar Fasciitis pain in my left foot after many years of running. Immediately recognizing the symptoms, I tried conservative treatments over the next few months such as stretching, strengthening exercises, ice and rest, but the condition did not improve. The pain became so severe that I could not longer walk barefoot. After reading the DSE (dolphin south end) newsletter’s article about PF treatment by Dr. Mazgaloff, I scheduled an appointment. With her knowledge and guidance, I was able to progress back to barefoot walking in just a month! Although the pain is not completely healed, I have no doubt that with Dr. Mazgaloff’s assistance, I will be pain free in the upcoming months. Thanks Dr. Mazgaloff! ~Jason Chan

    Back Pain and Neck Pain – You don’t have to live with them!

    Since being a teen, I have walked with a tilt in my shoulders; family and friends and I would always laugh about it, but it never slowed me down at all. In fact, I was very active throughout my twenties and thirties, never experiencing any kind of pain for long. Two and a half years ago, my husband and I adopted a 3.5 year old boy, and life changed in many wonderful ways. Suddenly, I was lifting a child (and not a small one!), being bowled over, giving piggy back rides, pushing swings, carrying a large mommy bag…if you have children, you know what I mean.

    Still, I felt fine; about a year ago, however, I began to have low back pain. This became regular and then acute. From there, my neck began to click when I moved it, and then started to seize up. My right knee gave out regularly, and my shoulder tilted even further. My right foot began to burn and pain was waking me up from sleep. Advil wasn’t working, ignoring it wasn’t working, and finally in December 2005, I contacted Dr. Mazgaloff on the referral of friends. She saw me immediately, and put me on a course of intense treatment.

    Suffice it to say that issues borne of years of small habitual problems and a year and half of child did not resolve over night. I felt immediate relief in some ways, but progress did not follow a straight line – in February 2006, I actually felt worse, though that was short-lived – and that was frustrating. Dr. Mazgaloff assured me that this was normal and that, as my body learned new ways of being, it would improve. She was right. I have been in maintenance since the summer, and 98% my daily issues with pain have resolved. Problems caused by overexertion or strain (a hellish tennis game, for instance) are now quickly resolved with what I call tune-up adjustments – my body has learned new ways to be because of the patience and expertise of Dr. Mazgaloff. I am enjoying my son, my family and my life, and I am deeply grateful to her. I have learned how to exercise areas that are weak and how to take the burden off areas that are overworked. She has taught me stretches and movements, she fitted me for orthotics that have allowed me to run again, she has listened to me kvetch and she has healed my back – without drugs, without braces, without surgery.

    I most highly and without reservation recommend Dr. Mazgaloff, and I am sold on the value of continued chiropractic maintenance – even though I feel better, I am mindful of how I felt last year at this time, and I have no intention of going back to that condition. Dr. Amelia – thank you so much!!  ~ Mary Blum, Latin Teacher | Jeweler | Wife and Mom

    Relief from Chronic Pain

    Dr. Mazgaloff is a gifted and talented health practitioner that is incredibly skilled in Chiropractic care. I am a Registered Nurse and have had multiple chropractic providers before Dr. Mazgaloff. Until I was under her care I suffered from chronic pain. I am now feeling great….and she truly cares! Seeing her is a must! She will take excellent care of you and improve your health and state of mind! ~Cameo Gore

    Chiropractic Care For Neck Pain

    Dr. Amelia Mazgaloff is truly the best chiropracter I have ever encountered. She has helped me sooooo much with my neck pain–and the Chiro-Health office is very very organized. Over the years I’ve nervously gone to chiropracters who are basically “back-crackers” that take you over their knee in a wrestling hold and tell you to come back 3 more times that week. Dr. Mazgaloff has finesse. Her manipulations are subtle and immediate. She combines deep tissue massage with her adjustments, and I leave feeling good good good. The best part is that she empowers her patients to help themselves with physical therapy exercises and various devices to try at home. I’ve recently relocated to Cambridge, but run as fast I can to see Dr. Mazgaloff whenever I am home in SF. Also, her expertise in helping mothers with post-natal re-alignment and the ergonomics of schlepping a baby/child around are uniquely helpful. I miss you, Dr. Maz! ~Jullie Mirocha

    Holistic Approach To Treating My Back & Hip Pain

    Dear Dr. Maqzgaloff,

    I am writing to tell you how much your holistic approach to treating my back and hip pain has changed my life. Upon first seeing you, I had no idea that a Doctor of Chiropractic would take an approach that marries chiropractic treatments with physical therapy and strength training to improve my well-being so dramatically. Life long back pain was a constant that woke me up every night and had doctors telling me that I may have to give up one of my passions, golf.

    I want to thank you for helping me on a path of continued better health and well-being. I rarely experience pain that awakens me during the night any longer, and I am able to golf two or three days in a row when I want to. My game is much better and I would recommend that anyone who loves a sport, particularly golf, seek out your expertise to help them overcome injuries or chronic pain so that they, too, can continue to do what they love.

    Nick Georgis

    Carpal Tunnel & Arthritis

    I as well commute to the city to see Dr. Mazgaloff (and I hate going to the city) But very well, WORTH IT! Who would of ever thought to see a chiropractor for carpal tunnel, arthritis?? I’m a manicurist of ten years and it’s now catching up to me…… thanks to Dr. Mazgaloff I’m definitely seeing improvements in these pass few weeks of seeing her. I was to the point, without my hands I have no job. I was recommended by my client who have said nothing but great things, and has had other people as well see REAL results. I as well, have had my share of chiropractors and must say Mazgaloff really knows her stuff….very well EDUCATED! and on that note her personable and friendly staff has definitely found a client for life in me. Give her a call today! ~Catherine Pham

    “I continue to have deteriorating knees and now a compressed disk in my back. I blame the years of bowling for my knees, but I’m sure that had nothing to do with it. A wonderful chiropractor has put my back in shape so that I face each day without pain in my back. The knees are another story”.  ~ Karen Safley

    Tendonitis and Lower Back Pain

    After two years of steroid shots and physical therapy, I had given up on my HMO dealing with my almost constant neck pain. I finally “gave in” to friends urging me to see a chiropractor. Dr. Mazgaloff’s treatment has eased my pain and I no longer have to take high doses of anti-inflammatories each day. A maintenance visit once a month keeps everything in line. Tendonitis in my right arm and lower back pain occasionally flare up with too much work outside. They are treated and go away with in a day. Dr. Mazgaloff’s care has definitely improved my quality of life. ~Denise Young

    Achilles Tendonitis

    Don’t wait until it stops you! Treat it right away the right way!

    I initially came to see Dr. Mazgaloff after experiencing months of frustration in dealing with Achilles tendonitis. This had become very painful and had compromised my distance running to the point that, even at reduced mileage and pace, I had to take a minimum of two days off between each run to allow for any recovery to occur. As part of the process of evaluating and treating the immediate tendonitis issue (electrostimulation, manipulation, custom orthotics and stretching), Dr. Mazgaloff also addressed muscle and skeletal abnormalities in other areas of the body that could be contributing to the tendonitis and creating other issues as well.

    For example, I had experienced problems for several years with upper back/neck/shoulder pain resulting from extensive computer use. The subsequent treatments that I received, in combination with the focused stretching and strengthening instruction that Dr. Mazagaloff provided, worked very well to address this and the tendonitis simultaneously. This comprehensive approach allowed me to work back into my previous running regimen (5 days/wk, 25-35 miles…now Achilles pain free) and also experience great improvements with respect to neck and back discomfort . Over the last several months my running gate has become more balanced and efficient as my body has continued to respond to the therapy and exercise. While none of this has happened overnight and it still requires an ongoing commitment on my part, the payoff is that I have much improved flexibility and range of motion…and I am virtually pain free. Most importantly I now feel that I am in control once again and have a greater understanding of the underlying issues and how better to deal with them.

    Thank you! ~Kevin Leiby

    YOU ARE GOLDEN! Hamstring Sprain/Strain

    Dear Dr. Maz,

    I wanted to write a brief note to thank you for all your help this summer while I was preparing for the Gay Games. Referred by another member of the SF Track and Field Club, I came to your office with a pulled hamstring and strained the muscles connected to my hip. With your help, I was able to completely overcome my injuries in 8 weeks, and win a gold medal in the Men’s 40-44 Pole Vault!

    What I especially like about your practice is your emphasis on healing practices to incorporate into my life (stretching, strength building exercises, and a sort of metaphysical approach to exercise). It’s nice to be able to be taught the skills to be proactive about my chiropractic health.

    Thank You!

    James Warren Boyd
    Department of English, SFSU

    Suffered from Back Pain after Surgery

    When I first consulted with Dr. Mazgaloff, I was in terrible pain, but after about three treatments last year, the pain was tolerable until I had back surgery (a very last resort, believe me!) About three months after surgery, Dr. Mazgaloff treated me for stiffness and post surgery joint/back pain-I now have pain-free days often-and there are more of them. I get up with ease from a chair or sofa-something that I could not do for many, many months before her treatments. Truly, Dr. Mazgaloff has been a “miracle worker!” I continue to see her for maintenance, and I have recommended her to family and friends. ~Linda Ortega

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