• Amelia Mazgaloff, DC, is the Lead Chiropractor and owner of Chiro-Health Inc., a San Francisco-based chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage clinic. She is a chiropractor (a doctor specializing in issues related to musculoskeletal conditions and spinal and extremities subluxation). She is knowledgeable about alternative health that considers the whole person, including lifestyle. According to Dr. Mazgaloff, daily habits are key to a healthy immune system. Here are a few suggestions:

    1. Get Enough Sleep

    Sleep is a necessity, not a luxury. Dr. Mazgaloff gets a minimum of 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep every night. If you have trouble doing that sometimes, a short nap (of less than 30 minutes) can help make up some of the deficit.

    2. Have a Sleep Routine

    Dr. Mazgaloff falls asleep around 9:30 each night. Her routine includes reading with her 10-year-old son and spooning with him for 10 minutes after. A good alternative may be taking a hot shower or a bath, reading, or having tea. Next, she prepares her pillows, one for between the legs and one for the wrists.

    3. Be Active

    Make regular exercise a part of your life. Dr. Mazgaloff walks 3-4 blocks during her lunch break. She also teaches a boot camp for kids ages 5-12 years old in her neighborhood 2 times per week. A good goal is 30 to 45 minutes of daily activity at least 5 days a week. There will probably be days when you don’t want to do it and on those days, know it is easy to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Here are 7 Sneaky Ways to Incorporate Exercise into Your Everyday Activities!

    4. Find Your Special Place

    Stress can affect your immune system and your ability to fight off illness. You can help manage stress by doing something you like or going somewhere that relaxes you. Dr. Mazgaloff’s special place is the garden or walking her dog in nature. These activities help her slow down, breathe, and rebalance.

    Try gardening or spending time in nature to relieve stress.

    5. Be Mindful of Technology

    Many of us think we’re supposed to be busy all the time, but that’s not good for us. Dr. Mazgaloff shuts off technology 2 hours before sleep. Neither her phone nor her computer ever enters the bedroom. There are ways to monitor the time spent on your phone. Be mindful and check yourself daily.

    6. Eat Right

    Dr. Mazgaloff’s rule of thumb is – eat seasonally to stay healthy. She takes her dose of veggies or fruits in the form of home-squeezed juices and includes ginger and turmeric in the winter months. Dr. Mazgaloff also drinks red pickled cabbage juice. It is a Bulgarian dish and may not sound appetizing for some, but it is delicious and very beneficial for the digestive system! (Kimchi is a good substitute.) Your eating plan should include protein with each meal — like fish, chicken, tofu, or beans. Get a variety of fruits and vegetables too, pickled for the winter months. Avoiding fast food is also important because it can cause inflammation and hamper your immune system.

    Eating seasonally is a key part of maintaining one’s health.

    7. Go with the Natural

    When Dr. Mazgaloff feels like she’s coming down with a cold, she opts for tea with ginger and honey or boiled wine with black pepper, another Bulgarian thing. As we get older, our ability to fight off germs can fade a bit. If you notice you’re getting colds more often, try adding more zinc to your diet. Zinc is present in things like seafood and beans.

    8. Flu Vaccines, Chiropractic Adjustments, or Both

    Dr. Mazgaloff has never had a flu vaccine, and neither has her family. She gets adjusted frequently to maintain her health and boost her immunity. Dr. Mazgaloff believes that her own immune system can fight off the virus as long as she keeps her body healthy. Dr. Mazgaloff also believes that everyone has a different immune system and, therefore, a different level of ability to fight off a virus. She recommends that you do what feels right for you and follow your doctor’s advice.

    9. Find Your Tribe

    Even during COVID-time, we should not underestimate the power of connecting with others. My tribe has been my staff, immediate family, weekly zoom meetings with remote family, and my boot camp kids. Socializing with people you care about, even remotely, can lower stress and, in turn, be good for your immune system.

    All for one . . .
    . . . and one for all!

    That concludes Dr. Mazgaloff’s suggestions for an immune boosting routine. As you can tell by this list, many factors go into strengthening your immune system. Implementing all these suggestions at once is unnecessary, but the more you implement, the better! As always, check with your trusted chiropractor if chiropractic adjustments are right for you. Choose chiropractic before medication and surgery and visit our website, like us on Facebook or Instagram, or call us for an appointment.