• Avoid the Pain of Bad Weather by Eliminating Your Weather-Sensing Superpowers

  • Is the lousy weather in San Francisco today making your joints hurt more? Your grandmother told you that she can predict the weather based on how her joints flare-up, even days before a storm. For years doctors dismissed this as superstition. An old wives’ tale. A relic of folk remedy past. But now that you are getting older, and you are sitting at your desk wrecking your own spine more and more, you might be feeling like a human weather station too.

    Changes in the pressure in the atmosphere can cause changes in the pressure that you feel in your joints. This is the barometric pressure that some outdoor thermometers have to tell you when bad weather is coming. Before the internet came along, there were books that showed you how to build your own barometer with a jar, some water, a balloon, and a rubber band. When the weather started to change, you could see the balloon stuck to the jar change shape.

    Your joints can act the same way. The synovial joints in your arms are air-tight, and when the weather changes they can build up with more pressure. A high-pressure storm starts to move in, and the joint capsules get more pressure on them, and this can hurt.


    So, it’s an interesting novelty. But it can be bothersome. So what can you do about it? Chiropractic care to help with joint mobility is a good choice. When you get chiropractic care, it is usually comprised of spinal manipulation and other joint manipulation. Spinal manipulation helps to restore range of motion to joints that don’t move well. This movement brings more nutrients to the joint, and it flushes away irritating fluids.

    What are the benefits of this besides less joint stiffness and aches when clouds form? Chiropractic care is known to reduce pain for headaches, neck pain, and back pain. Chiropractic care improves the activities of daily living when measured with standardized outcomes measuring tools. Chiropractic care has been shown to improve patients’ pain and satisfaction levels even when they have herniated discs compressing nerves directly. Read all of the Yelp reviews of the chiropractors in your town. Unless the doc is involved with some kind of unscrupulous activity, the chiropractic office will have favorable reviews. And if you don’t find a practitioner to your liking, know that we, Chiro-Health Inc. located in San Francisco’s financial district, have received over 300 5-star reviews across Google and Yelp!

    So, if you have a built-in weather channel in your joints, don’t just let it take over your life, do something to prevent the pain of bad weather.

    Todd Lloyd, DC  Amelia Mazgaloff, DC
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