• New Year Resolution For Your Spine

  • Extend, do not flex

    I have been a chiropractor in San Francisco for 16 years, and let me tell you that New Year’s resolutions bring new patients and new injuries every January without fail.  In fact, it is Chiro-Health Inc.’s busiest month of the year.  My goal and obligation as a chiropractor are first and foremost to prevent what I treat.  Secondly, at this time of the year, I really want to help patients stay true to their fitness and health resolutions.  There are many reasons why we abandon New Year’s resolutions, let it not be an injury. Here are 3 healthy fitness habits that will help you stick to your new year resolution, prevent injury, and keep you pain-free, so that you can accomplish your fitness goals.

    Fitness Habit #1. Start with the Core

    Whether you work out in the morning or after work, make a habit to always start your workout with the core.  Your core is the part of your body around your pelvis and trunk. Core exercises work the muscles of the: Abdomen, Back, Pelvis, and Hips.  If your core is strong your back is better protected from injury.  You will have better balance.  It may be easier for you to control your movements.   You will be absorbing shock more efficiently.  Try the linked 5-minute core activation series on the exercise ball before you do anything else.

    Habit #2. Do not stretch your back, extend your back with these exercises

    Not all muscles are to be stretched. 

    Use this quick and easy diagram on what you should be stretching and what you should be strengthening. Keep it in mind when working out. Joints that are supposed to be stable are to be strengthened, and joints that are supposed to be mobile should be stretched.  Stretch your neck, shoulders, chest, hips, ankles, and wrists.  As you stretch, count 5 breaths, not 30 sec. 

    Habit #3  Finish with the foam roller

    Most people use the foam roller to massage sore muscles. Foam rollers, when used correctly, can also increase mobility in the joints. The trick is to roll slowly. There are specific positions for rolling your upper back, lower back, and hips.

    As always choose chiropractic before medication and surgery and visit our website, like us on Facebook, and request an appointment.