• Spinal Decay – Early Warning Signs

  • Spinal decay is real. It is just like tooth decay, but you can not see it. Not too long ago, spinal decay/arthritis was deemed to be just another facet of the aging process. Today arthritis is no longer a disease of old age, it is seen in people as young as 13 years of age! Our fast-paced lifestyles and increased time sitting in the car, at the computer, at a desk, and on the couch wreak havoc on the health of our spines. Spinal decay is a relentlessly worsening problem and will only increase as we spend more time sitting and using technology. Here are some early signs and prevention tips to consider.

    chiropractic for spinal decay and degeneration

    What is spinal decay?

    The word decay implies that something decomposes or rots away. This is true for a tooth decay and in our spinal discs. The discs decrease in height, become dehydrated, no longer provide shock absorption, and the needed space for the joints to move and nerves to function properly is lost. Bone decay, on the other hand, is characterized by adding of bone – formation of bone spurs in an attempt to fuse vertebrae.

    3 Phases of Spinal Decay

    (1) Phase One

    • During this phase, the joints of the spine misalign.
    • The natural curves start to straighten or reverse.
    • Soft tissue becomes tight with painful knots.
    • There may be nerve irritation producing some tingling and numbness.
    • The height of the discs is nearly maintained.

    (2) Phase Two

    • In addition to the changes in phase 1, bone spurs start developing through calcium deposition.
    • Discs begin to narrow and dehydrate.
    • The range of motion significantly decreases.
    • Joints and muscles become painful.

    (3) Phase Three

    • During this advanced stage of decay, joints become immobilized, resulting in bone fusion.
    • Nerve atrophy and soft tissue become scar tissue.
    • Spinal discs lose their height significantly.
    • There is tingling, numbness, and pain in the extremities.

    Early signs of spinal decay

    1. Muscle tension and muscle spasms
    2. Decreased range of motion
    3. Flair ups with certain activities
    4. Increased pain while holding certain positions
    5. Reduced pain when changing positions frequently
    6. Burning sensation and feeling of fatigue in the spine when standing or sitting in one position
    7. The constant need to massage your muscles

    Prevention/Treatment/Chiropractic Alternative

    The standard medical approach to “wear and tear” arthritis is self-medication: Patients take NSAIDS, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like Tylenol, Advil, etc., prescription painkillers, and eventually injections and surgery. All these self-medications aim to relieve the symptoms of spinal decay but do not correct the cause.

    The only alternative to the above is natural and safe chiropractic treatment. When diagnosed and treated early, not only is neck pain or back pain resolved, but the degenerative process is halted. Specific chiropractic adjustments to the affected joints by a skilled chiropractor and guided by x-ray findings restore affected joint function, alignment, and stop the generative process. The result is a restoration of the full range of motion, resolved muscle spasms and tightness, back pain relief, neck pain relief, better spinal alignment/posture, and improved quality of life.

    However, chiropractic treatments need to be supported with proper exercises and changes in lifestyle habits. When patients maintain proper alignment, they become stronger, which helps keep symptoms from coming back. That is a great motivator.

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