• Avoid Holiday Mishaps This Year

  • Avoid holiday mishaps this year with these simple but helpful tips.

    It’s that time of the year again.

    From the garage to the Christmas tree, there are numerous opportunities to injure yourself. We have seen it all throughout the years and patients are trickling in with strains and pains to their neck, shoulders, back and hips related to holiday decorating.

    Avoid Holiday Mishaps: tips and tricks from Chiro-Health Inc.

    In The Garage

    This is where it all starts.  Follow these steps when pulling down boxes from up high.

    • Always have someone with you
    • Set up the ladder on a flat surface and high enough so you do not have to reach
    • Get as close as possible to avoid pulling and leaning.  Always face the box rather than twist and turn
    • Use your hips and legs, squeeze your glutes before pulling and lifting
    • Keep everything close to your body

    Hanging Outdoor Lights

    • Always have a helper
    • If your lights require you to get up on the roof, choose not to climb it. Hire a professional
    • For lower roofs, set up the ladder on an even surface.  Raise it high enough so you do not have to reach up above your head and extend the neck for prolonged period of time. This could make you dizzy
    • Move the ladder frequently, so that you always face straight ahead

    Around The Tree

    • Using ladders indoors is trickier because your hardwood floor could be slippery
    • Wear shoes. Never trim the tree in bear feet or socks
    • Do not lift kids with your arms extended to place the star

    Wrapping Presents

    • Choose not to sit on the floor when wrapping presents
    • Set up a station on a table or counter top.  Being seated on a chair or standing, rather than bent forward will save your back

    Avoid holiday mishaps and make safety your first priority this holiday season. As always, consider chiropractic before medication and surgery and stay up to date by visiting our website, liking us on Facebook, or Instagram, or calling us for an appointment. Everyone at Chiro-Health wishes you a Happy and injury-free holiday season.