• Chiropractic Care for Children

  • There are many chiropractors who offer and provide chiropractic care for children. Chiropractic treatment is widely pediatric in nature, but not as often as it is for adults. While it may be controversial and debatable, there are times when kids need chiropractic care and management.

    The Profession

    Within the chiropractic profession, there are instances where a chiropractor is responsible for musculoskeletal and spinal health in young children. There is mounting evidence that children’s active lifestyles can lead to spinal injuries where chiropractic care is essential and this cannot be ignored. While evidence is scarcely available, there is proof in specific instances where chiropractic care for children can be very beneficial.

    The Discussion

    Careful chiropractic management is important when it comes to children. The techniques used to care for children are modified versions of the ones used on adult patients. Spinal manipulation has many forms and a chiropractor can administer different kinds of chiropractic care for kids to determine the treatment that most benefits the child.

    Other Treatment Options

    While a clinical approach is helpful as the first step, chiropractors also need to think about:

    • Diet and nutrition
    • Correction of posture
    • Herbal supplements
    • Prescribing exercise or a higher level of activity
    • Physiotherapeutic modalities
    • Behavioral therapy

    Manual Therapies

    In the case of a child, chiropractic choices of treatment have to be safe and effective. Research is done and the chiropractor relies on previous and proven research. If a child or teenager suffers from lower back pain, manual therapies must be considered as long as it is a musculoskeletal condition.

    Other than lower back pain, chiropractors also provide treatment for other ailments such as colic in children, asthma, and ADH disorder. Proper diagnosis should be made before applying any treatment in children. In some cases, chiropractors may have to work in unison with the pediatric doctor or healthcare team to make the best decision for treatment. For example, with asthma, the chiropractor could play an integral role in a combined disciplinary approach for treatment by addressing a portion of the clinical image.


    In the end, caution must be considered for chiropractic care in children. In any human being, chiropractic treatment is proven to work. However, prior to treatment, a chiropractor will do extensive examination of the young patient’s spinal condition in order to determine the right treatment. As always, consider chiropractic before medication and surgery and stay up to date by visiting our website, liking us on Facebook, or Instagram, or calling us for an appointment.


    Chiropractic Care for Children