• Pain-Free Workdays- 4 things to do!

  • #1 Maintain healthy sitting and standing balance

    Pain-free workdays can be accomplished if you follow four essential principles.  I trust you know by now that “, but sitting is the new smoking”, but now standing as a substitute is being shown to cause varicose veins, plantar fascitis, neuromas, and others. To begin your journey to pain-free workdays there needs to be a balance between both as well as incorporating some sitting and standing stretches and exercises.

    Here are some pointers for proper sitting

    • Scoot your bottom all the way back in the chair.
    • Use a towel or a sitting wedge 3 inch tall.  This will help you maintain the natural lordotic curve in the lower back, place the weight of your body onto the strong facet joints, not your discs all without thinking about it.
    • Set up your monitor slightly higher than eye level and your key board at the level where your elbows are at slight obtuse angle, relaxed.  Do not work on a laptop for hours at a time.

    Here are some pointers for proper standing

    • Have a stool to rest one foot up and alternate. Next time you go to a bar, take a look and see there is a foot bar, so you can stand longer and drink longer.
    • Alternate the feet
    • Stand on a mat
    • Wear shoes with good support
    • Engage your glutes and do not lock your knees

    #2 Vary your posture

    No matter how good your posture is, your body needs a variety of positions.  I recommend:

    • Getting up every 30 minutes to walk around for 3-5 minutes.
    • Switching between standing and sitting, try to achieve 60/40 ratio respectfully.
    • Think of alternative seating arrangement, such as sitting on an exercise ball or a sit disc/dyna disc
    • Try to incorporate walking, for example when speaking on the phone.

    #3 Supplement with rest, exercise, and stretching during and outside of your workday

    Do you need rest, exertion, stretching, or strengthening?  What do you need to strengthen and what do you need to stretch?   This will be different based on whether you have been sitting more or standing most of the day. 

    • Days you have been mostly sitting, stretch the front of the body-chest, neck, shoulders, and hip flexors.  Strengthen the upper back and lower back, do not stretch those even though they feel tight.
    • Days you have been standing more do the opposite, stretch the low back, the glutes, the hamstrings and calves.
    • If you are hitting the gym after work, start your workout with warming up the core and the spinal stabilizer muscles.  This best is achieved by doing ball exercises.  It will also prevent injuring your spine as you progress to your lifting routine.

    #4 Mind your sleeping posture and sleeping positions

    Check out the simple sleep techniques on how to make your sleep mare ergonomic and restful depending on your preferred sleeping position.

    Follow these four tips for pain-free workdays and a better work experience. For questions or phone consultations you can e-mail Dr. Amelia Mazgaloff or call Chiro-Health Inc. at (415)-546-1461 or visit http://www.chirohealthsf.com/services/. Stay up to date on the latest treatments that chiropractic can offer and the latest deals at Chiro-Health Inc, your San Francisco chiropractor by remembering to like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, or follow our company profile on LinkedIn. Like always, choose chiropractic first before surgery and medication!