• Humans need 7 kinds of rest. Are you getting all of them?

  • We need 7 kinds of rest. We all know that sleep is a kind of rest, but it is not enough. Getting a good night’s sleep does not mean you are rested.

    1. Physical rest – sleep and rest from exercise

    2. Mental rest – short breaks, breathing exercises, writing in a journal, meditation

    3. Sensory rest – from noise, turn off TV, phone notifications, designate no technology time, dark curtains

    4. Creative rest – write, art, build

    5. Social rest – create a place and time to spend alone, avoid draining people, clean up phone from contacts you do not have meaningful communication with

    6. Spiritual rest – visit places that feed your soul. May be church, meadows, ocean, walk on sand, practice awe

    7. Emotional rest- be truthful, if you are not ok say it, acknowledge it, let it be

    Tired? Figure out what sort of rest you are lacking, and get it.

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