• 10 Reasons You’ll Love Chiro-Health Inc.

  • Chiro-Health patients are satisfied with the services they receive!

    1) Long Appointment Times

    Chiro-Health is not a crack-and-pop service. Clients get half-hour appointments during which they are cared for and listened to.

    2) A Modern Approach to an Ancient Practice

    Chiro-Health utilizes the most sophisticated and up-to-date wellness equipment to care for patients’ needs.

    3) A Variety of Techniques

    Everyone is different, we know that, and those differences are tailored to by our practitioners. We accommodate individual needs by offering light force or heavy force manipulations in addition to a variety of chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, and rehabilitation techniques and treatments.

    4) 40+ Years of Combined Experience

    Chiro-Health’s staff and practitioners have over 40 years of combined experience helping improve patient’s physical wellbeing. Whatever question or concerns you may have, the Chiro-Health staff has likely heard it before and has helped resolve a similar issue for someone else.

    5) 3-in-1 Special

    Chiro-Health’s office offers chiropractic care, massage, and acupuncture all under one roof! Want to mix up your wellness routine? Chiro-Health has got you covered.

    6) High Patient Retention

    Chiro-Health has had clients stay with them for 10+ years. Not to say that you have to stay that long but this statistic really attests to company staff’s ability to maintain happy customers.

    7) Over 300 5-Star Reviews

    Across service-rating platforms such as Google reviews, Yelp, and Facebook reviews, clients have voiced their thoughts on why Chiro-Health deserves to be known as a 5-star business.

    8) Eliminate Pain and Improve Performance

    Not only has Chiro-Health fully eliminated patients’ aches and pains, but company practitioners teach clients how to keep the pain away so improved performance can last long after an appointment.

    9) We Love What We Do

    The practitioners and staff love what they do. The Chiro-Health team is committed to doing more for its patients so patients can do more of what they love.

    10) Chiro-Health Has Your Back

    Whether the goal is pain-relief or health-maintenance, the Chiro-Health team supports its clients throughout their journey. Quality service and caring practitioners are at your disposal from beginning to end.

    Come to our office at 211 Sutter Street, Suite 401
    San Francisco, CA 94108
    for a service you can trust. Make an appointment at https://www.chirohealthsf.com/contact/ today.

    We look forward to helping you!