• Chiro-Health Inc. Engages Kids in Boot Camp During COVID-19

  • For 12 weeks in a row, the kids in Columbia neighborhood in Castro Valley have shown up with a smile on their face and a lot of energy to our boot camp.

    About Me

    Hi, I am Dr. Amelia Mazgaloff, chiropractor and owner of Chiro-Health Inc. in San Francisco’s financial district. When COVID-19 started my clinic decreased hours and I had to split the week between my associates, which left me with 2 available days. As a chiropractor, I am concerned for our kids due to the prolonged span of the Coronavirus and the effects of virtual learning. Increased hours on zoom, playing computer games, simply not moving, snacking all day, and sitting around leads to children getting weaker, chubbier, stiffer, lonelier, and depressed. I couldn’t stand it any longer, so I decided to do something.

    My practice has always been active in the community and since no events were going on, my two children, Connor (10 years old) and Yana (18 years old), and I decided to do some activity for the kids in my neighborhood – Columbia, CV. The boot camp started with my son and six of his friends; it was an immediate success. They loved it, and the parents loved it too. Our pod grew to 10, to 12, to 18, girls and boys 5-14 years old. Kids could safely walk, bike, or scooter to the park on their own. When the boot camp activities end they continue to ride in the neighborhood for an hour or two and keep the fun going.

    The Boot Camp Activities

    • Jog 20 minutes
    • Dynamic warm-up
    • High-Intensity Training (HIT) 20 minutes
    • Stretching and sharing jokes, riddles, and stories 10 minutes
    • Fun challenges and games 10 minutes

    What the Kids Learned

    • Social Distancing – how to tell what 6ft and 8ft away is
    • Drink water without ice when you exercise
    • Use ice if something hurts
    • Know where the hamstrings, quadriceps, adductors, biceps, triceps, and abdominals are
    • Cheering and supporting each other
    • Listening to each other
    • Being still and quiet for a minute
    • Dedicating their efforts to someone in need or someone they love
    • To contribute to a cause – we did squad challenge to support ACS

    What the Kids Gained

    • 1-3 hours two times per week of being active outdoors
    • Independence – coming and going by themselves
    • New friends
    • Pride in their performance – everyone competed against themselves and all improved on their metrics
    • Sense of belonging
    • Having a place to be

    Why Am I Sharing This

    I want to call on all chiropractors, physical therapists, personal trainers, and PE teachers, highschool athletes to please support the kids in your communities. I am tired of looking at our children’s skills, vitality, health, and spirit being wasted in front of a screen making them sick. Sick from bad posture, neck and back pain, headaches, scoliosis, obesity, and depression.

    It is up to you to be creative and support your neighborhood kids. They need you. To stay up to date on what Chiro-Health is doing visit our website, like us on Facebook, Instagram, or call us for an appointment.