• No Pain? Then Why Go to A Chiropractor?

  • A common question I get from patients is, “Why should I go to a chiropractor when I have no pain or symptoms?” In other words, “Why should I get adjusted all the time?” To answer this question, we must target the root of the query by discussing what the benefits of chiropractic care are besides pain relief.

    If we are talking about an injury, the false assumption is that injuries have healed once the pain is gone. Injuries do not heal in this manner. Think about a broken bone. A fracture hurts like crazy for a few days. Then, it gets placed in a cast and it doesn’t hurt, but it still takes several weeks to heal. Similarly, soft tissue injuries and joint injuries also heal long after the pain subsides. Now, consider a sprained ankle. The ankle hurts at the outset of the injury, but even if the pain stops, that does not necessarily mean the injury healed properly.

    Doctors of Chiropractic (DC) rehabilitate injuries to restore proper function, not just relieve the pain. Chiropractors want to maintain and maximize their patients’ health. It is ill-advised for someone to wait until he or she is so sick, ill, or injured that it becomes difficult, if not impossible, to regain their prior health. Just think of working out, dental care, or car tune-ups; we all know we shouldn’t wait until we’re 20lbs overweight, until our teeth fall out, or until our engine seizes to seek help. Maintaining one’s health is a process. And visiting a chiropractor, even when you are experiencing no pain, is a way to be proactive about your health.

    How can I tell if I am getting any benefit if I do not have pain?

    Fair question. Let us take a look at what kind of changes most patients experience, or can expect to experience, with CONSISTENT & REGULAR chiropractic care.

    • Lower Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate, Stress Levels, and Anxiety
    • Fewer Colds and Headaches
    • Better Overall Function, Posture, Range of Motion, Energy, Strength, Breathing, Flexibility, Balance, Mental Clarity, Digestion, and Night’s Sleep

    As you can tell by this list, there are many measurable non-pain benefits of chiropractic care. Of course, results will vary based on the starting point of an individual’s health. But, checking for these benefits after each adjustment, weekly or monthly, will demonstrate how useful chiropractic care can be even when you are experiencing no pain. As always, check with your trusted chiropractor if chiropractic adjustments are right for you. Choose chiropractic before medication and surgery and visit our website, like us on Facebook, Instagram, or call us for an appointment.