• 5 Ways to Prevent Slouching

  • As times change and a largely virtual experience continues to engulf us, sitting behind a computer screen or looking down at your phone for hours is becoming more and more common. So much screen time can lead to slouching, which deteriorates good posture. Luckily, here are 5 ways to prevent slouching and improve your posture!

    ~Helpful hint: Links throughout this blog will take you to video demonstrations for how to do these exercises.~

    1) The Superman Pose

    Lie face down and extend both arms over your head. Turn thumbs to ceiling, squeeze glutes, contract core, and lift arms, with head and legs about four inches off the floor. Hold the position for two seconds, then lower. Repeat for 15 reps. This move will activate the muscles supporting the spine, while also strengthening the shoulders. You can move your arms and legs while in the superman pose or do the superman pose on an exercise ball for variation. (P.S. You can find some really cute videos of babies and toddlers doing the superman pose online. Check those videos out if you’re looking for a good time, but also know that this pose is super beneficial for your kids. [see what I did there 😉 hahaha] )

    2 & 3) T’s and W’s


    Lie face down on the floor, extend arms to each side, making a letter T. Turn thumbs to ceiling. Contract abdomen, squeeze glutes, pull shoulder blades together, and lift arms toward ceiling. Hold arms up for two seconds, lower, and repeat for 15 reps. This exercise can be done while lying on the ground, as just mentioned, or while sitting at a desk, or anywhere for that matter! The T exercise strengthens the rhomboids and middle trapezius muscles which connect the shoulder blade to the spine.


    Lie face down, arms extended to the side straight out from shoulders with elbows bent so your forearms are parallel to your neck, making a W. Turn thumbs to ceiling. Brace abdomen, squeeze glutes, pull shoulder blades together, and lift arms toward ceiling. Hold arms up for two seconds, lower, and repeat for 15 reps. Once again, this exercise can be done while seated as well.

    4) Chest Stretch

    Find a corner and face into it. Bring your arms up and place your forearms on the wall with elbows bent and hands slightly below shoulder height. Slowly, squeeze shoulder blades together and lean into the corner. Hold position for three seconds, relax, and move body away. Repeat 12 times. The move will stretch the chest muscles, and thus prevent slouching since tight chest muscles can cause you to slump. An alternative to this lean-in chest stretch is a side chest stretch which also helps open your chest.

    5) Upper Back Stretch

    While seated at your desk, place your hands behind your head. Engage your core and slowly lean back over the back of the chair, careful not to press with the neck. Extend over as far as comfortable, relax forward, and repeat 10 times throughout the day. It’ll help the upper spine be more fluid, which makes it easier to hold good alignment. Plus it’s an easy move to sneak in at the office. (This desk exercise is a good one, but we also have a series of upper body desk exercises and lower body desk exercises which would be very useful to pair with this upper back stretch!)

    To summarize, slouching isn’t cute. It makes us look less attractive and can lead to more serious spinal injuries and pain. However, by implementing the tips outlined in this blog you are equipped with the knowledge necessary to prevent slouching and improve your posture. Once again, the Chiro-Health team reiterates its desire to help improve your physical well-being and enhance your daily experiences. We invite everyone who appreciated these tips to share this article with their friends who may also be affected by bad posture. As always, choose chiropractic before medication and surgery and visit our website, like us on Facebook, Instagram, or call us for an appointment.