• Weak Glute Muscles Cause Lower Back Pain

  • weak glut muscles

    Dr. Mazgaloff, San Francisco chiropractor, says, “If your lower back pain is a real pain in the butt, you should keep reading. Many people don’t now that having weak glute muscles and hip abductors can lead to low back pain and changes in gait.”

    Lifestyle factors that lead to weak glute muscles and lower back pain

    1. Sleeping on your side and flexing or adducting your top leg over your bottom leg
    2. Standing predominantly with all of your body weight on one leg
    3. Sitting for longer than 30 minutes at a time
    4. Crossing your legs, which creates a pelvis imbalance where the pelvis moves sideways forcing an overstretch in the top leg glute muscles

    How can weak glute muscles cause low back pain?

    It is fair to ask what your butt has to do with your lower back. Here is some basic anatomy that may help.

    All glute muscles help stabilize the pelvis. The gluteus medius muscle, a very small deep muscle of the glute muscle group, is of utmost importance. Glute muscles’ function is to “abduct the hip joint; the anterior fibers medially rotate and may assist in flexion of the hip joint; and the posterior fibers laterally rotate and may assist in extension.” It also helps to keep the pelvis level when the opposite leg is raised during activities such as walking, running, or standing on one leg. If one of the glute muscles is weak, over firing, tight, or inhibited, it will cause a lateral tilt in the pelvis. Over time and with overuse, such as with athletic training, this imbalance in the pelvis will create a small curvature and rotation in the lower back, causing back pain.

    Getting to the root of the problem

    Each day, I treat several patients who complain of “low back pain.” For many patients, weak glute muscles are the cause of their lower back pain. Having a chiropractor who will test for muscle weakness becomes very important to identify the real root of physical pain. I will treat the lower back to give my patients symptomatic relief, but I also address the primary cause, weak glute muscles, by providing them with exercises to prevent future episodes of low back pain.

    For more information on strengthening your glutes, see our Instagram post on how to build a better butt. For questions or phone consultations, you can e-mail Dr. Amelia Mazgaloff at frontdesk@chirohealthsf.com, call Chiro-Health Inc. at (415) 546-1461, or visit http://www.chirohealthsf.com/services/. Happy butt strengthening!!!

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