• Ace Your Golf Experience

  • Whether you are a novice or a professional golf player, Chiro-Health Inc. is here to support you on your golf journey by offering a golf swing analysis.

    A golfer demonstrating proper and poor golf swing mechanics.

    Many consider golf to be a relaxing sport that does not require brutal strength. We at Chiro-Health are here to tell you that golfing requires muscle use, great focus, and physical exertion. Let us start by clarifying some golf facts many people are unaware of:

    1. 53% of male and 45% of female golfers suffer from back pain.
    2. As many as 30% of professional golfers are playing injured.
    3. Those who play golf and another sport increase their chance of injury by 40%.
    4. Many golf injuries are preventable, and recovery can be rapid.
    5. Golf biomechanics is the only approach that works.

    As you may notice, golfing can result in various types of injuries, and the golf experience can be burdened by preexisting conditions as well.

    Conditions such as lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, knee pain, and hip pain can all adversely affect one’s time spent golfing. These problems and many others can be the result of improper swing mechanics. Luckily, Chiro-Health can help.

    Our office offers a golf swing analysis, which can ultimately allow you to golf pain-free. Similar to the Gait Analysis for runners, our office’s golf swing video analysis is an effective and easy way for golfers of all levels to visualize their body mechanics during the golf swing. The golfer will be videotaped while swinging, and the results of the analysis will be reviewed with him or her in both real-time and slow motion.

    The swing will be evaluated by a Titliest Performance Institute (TPI) certified chiropractor who understands the correlation between a golfer’s physical limitations and their swing flaws. Through this experience, the golfer will have his or her posture, range of motion, and balance evaluated in addition to undergoing muscle testing. Then, based on the results of the golf swing analysis, treatment could include a chiropractic adjustment, active release technique (ART) muscle work, traction, and/or electrical stimulation. Lastly, we will give recommendations for changes and exercises to maintain a proper golf swing.

    Once again, the Chiro-Health team reiterates its desire to help improve your golf swing and enhance your golfing experience. We invite all golfers who want to play more golf with less pain, to share this article with their friends and book an appointment. As always, choose chiropractic before medication and surgery and visit our website, like us on Facebook, Instagram, or call us for an appointment.