• Should I Get A Flu Shot? Our thoughts on the flu vaccine.

  • The purpose of a flu shot is to vaccinate the body against contracting the flu virus.  On the surface, this sounds like a good idea.  So why the debate? Many healthcare practitioners feel that the flu vaccine is unnecessary for otherwise healthy adults.  These practitioners feel the patients’ own immune system is capable of fighting off the virus, and that giving an unnecessary vaccine is only exposing the patient to unneeded chemicals.

    This brings us to the subject of individuality in medicine: everyone has a different immune system and therefore a different level of ability to fight off a virus.

    Chiropractic and the Immune System

    You’ve probably heard us say that when you are sick, it’s the best time to be adjusted.  But do you know why?

    • Think of the energy your body uses everyday, just to keep your heart pumping, your lungs expanding, your stomach digesting and your immune system fighting disease. 
    • Now think of the energy your body puts into muscle spasms caused by joint mis-alignments and the nerve impulses transmitting the feeling of pain.
    • By removing the joint mis-alignments, we can remove the “interference” from your system.  This allows your body to put more energy into all your vital functions, including your immune system!

    Here’s what we have to say about Flu Vaccine

    Let’s talk about flu season. It’s here and our patients are asking us the annual question: “Should I get a flu shot?”

    1) Vaccinations are supposed to work by showing your immune system a small piece of a virus, thereby allowing your immune system to recognize and fight off the virus if you are ever exposed to it. This is a great idea, and it usually works very well. Unfortunately, there is no way to isolate a little bit of the flu virus without using a lot of chemicals that are NOT necessary to the immune response.

    2) Medication should be prescribed when the risk of not taking it outweighs to possible side effects of taking the medication. In the case of the flu vaccine, many people report feeling flu-like symptoms after receiving the shot. One wonders, then, how the vaccination was helpful to those people.

    3) In the case of people with depressed immune systems, such as people with HIV, AIDs, small children and the elderly, the risk of getting the flu is serious. In these people, a vaccination is potentially life-saving. In the general population, the flu is mainly an inconvenience and not a life-threatening infection. One wonders why someone in the general population would choose to inject themselves with unnecessary chemicals to prevent something that may or may not even happen and, if it does happen, will most likely not be that bad.

    Ways to help boost your immune system naturally

    Getting plenty of rest, exercise and healthy foods is a good start. Limit your exposure to infected people, wash your hands often and make sure you maintain your over-all health to the best of your ability. This includes having regular chiropractic treatments to ensure that your body is not using up energy on muscle spasms and joint dysfunction.

    Finally, we’d like to say that our main goal is to educate our patients. We cannot recommend for or against flu shots and it is something you should discuss with your primary medical doctor before you make a decision. When you have that discussion, however, be sure to ask them about your personal risk for contracting the flu and the chances of you having life-altering side effects from both the infection and the vaccine. Once you have all the facts, make your own informed decision.

    As always choose chiropractic before medication and surgery and visit our website, like us on Facebook, call us for an appointment.