• Fear of Chiropractic adjustments? 10 comforting facts

  • Lower Back Pain San FranciscoChiropractic adjustments are safe and effective.  Fear of chiropractic adjustments is what stops many people from experiencing the benefits of chiropractic care.  These facts can help you put your fears of getting adjusted aside and feel better now. Check these out before scheduling your first chiropractic adjustment.

    Some of the fears of chiropractic adjustments come from misconceptions and myths; other come from bad experiences from the past.  We hope that these comforting facts help you put your fears of getting adjusted aside and choose chiropractic not only to relief pain but keep your spine and joints healthy for years to come.

    Facts about chiropractic adjustments worth knowing.

    1. There is No causal relationship between neck chiropractic adjustments and stroke. According to a study (https://www.cureus.com/articles/4155-systematic-review-and-meta-analysis-of-chiropractic-care-and-cervical-artery-dissection-no-evidence-for-causation.)  the odds of stroke in normal population, whether seeing a chiropractor or not is 1-1.5/100,000 and occurs in 1 in 5.85M people.  Just to put that in reference, the risk of getting struck by lightning in your lifetime is about 1/3000!!!  I do not know when was the last time you worried about getting struck by lightning.
    2. Diagnostic procedures are non invasive; Chiropractors use orthopedic, neurological and functional chiropractic tests to diagnose the problem.  These tests are pain free and you should receive a diagnosis on the same day of your visit.
    3. Chiropractors use their hands and modern equipment such as flexion distraction technology, and instrument adjusting that are gentle and can be used to accommodate patients’ preference and needs. You can get adjusted without having the popping and the cracking, if that makes you uncomfortable.
    4. Chiropractic adjustments are pain free and may decrease the need to take medication. Chiropractic adjustments decrease pain and inflammation, thus decreasing the need for opioids which have low benefit and high risk or NSAIDS (video link)
    5. Chiropractic adjustments can potentially eliminate the need for more invasive procedures such as injections or surgery.
    6. Some chiropractic offices use procedures prior to the adjustment to make every patient’s experience more comfortable. Focused muscle release, ART (Active Release Technique), Electrical stimulation, gentle stretching, PNF, heat and ice are used prior to the adjustment to assist with delivering the most comfortable and low force adjustment.
    7. Most chiropractors diagnose and treat on the same visit, which means that you can get relief on your first visit. Getting a diagnosis is helpful for your doctor so they know how to treat you, but does nothing to make you feel better.
    8. Chiropractic adjustments carry less risk and negative side effects than medications, injections, and surgery. It does not impose damage to surrounding tissues or organs.  In fact chiropractic adjustments have only positive side effects on surrounding tissues: restore motion, normalize biomechanics and load distribution on  the joints, relax tight muscles, and increase blood flow.
    9. Chiropractic adjustments can help any joint. Most people think that chiropractic is for neck and back pain. However chiropractic is effective in treating disc hernietions and joint degeneration, extremity pain such as shoulders, knees, feet, hips, wrists, elbows, even TMJ.
    10. Chiropractic care is more accessible than ever before. It is covered by health insurance, which makes your visits affordable. Many insurance plans cover chiropractic and even massage accompanied with chiropractic adjustments if it is deemed medically necessary.

    We hope these facts help you feel less fearful of choosing chiropractic for pain relief or simply for living life with better function and ease.  As always choose chiropractic first before medication and surgery.  For questions, comments and to schedule an appointment visit us at www.chirohealthsf.com, call 415-546-1461, or visit our Facebook page.  We would love to hear from you.