• Your Sports Chiropractor Wishes You’d Stop Doing these 5 things

  • Here are 5 Things Your Sports Chiropractor Wishes You’d Stop Doing

    The First thing your sports chiropractor wishes you’d stop

    1.Stop Taking NSAIDS to cover up pain- taking NSAIDS prior to a workout or sports event can have major negative side effects.

    • NSAIDs will not prevent damage to muscle tissue
    • Decreasing the pain signals to your brain may cause you to ignore a more serious injury in the making.
    • long-term use is likely to cause digestive upset.

    The Second thing your sports chiropractor wishes you’d stop

    2. Stop Ignoring forward shoulder posture

    Almost everyone has forward shoulder posture.  With most people working at a desk and/or on a computer for 8+ hours a day, it is a major cause of upper back and neck symptoms.  Getting away from the desk and into the gym is great for your overall health however many people don’t realize they might be reinforcing their poor posture with their routine.  Any exercise that works the chest (i.e. bench press) brings the shoulders forward and adds to the rounded shoulder effect.  Make sure to add chest stretches and mid-back activation exercises to your routine to counteract the slouched posture and pectoral tightness.

    The Third thing your sports chiropractor wishes you’d stop

    3. Stop NOT warming up (or cooling down)

    Regardless of the intensity of your workout, a proper warm up and cool down are extremely important.  Warming up (i.e. 15 minute bike or movement based stretching) ensures that the muscles have adequate blood flow and are ready to respond to the demands of exercise with extensibility and contractility.  Cooling down (i.e. 10 minute walk or foam rolling) prevents lactic acid build up in the muscles are helps prevent post exercise muscle soreness.

    The Fourth thing your sports chiropractor wishes you’d stop

    4. Failing to listen to your body

    While “No pain, no gain” is a common motto of athletes, some people take the saying too literally.  Obviously athletes want to improve their performance and push their limits however listening to your body is extremely important in preventing injuries that are related to fatigue or overexertion and recent research shows that you don’t need to feel physical pain to improve muscle endurance or power.

    The Fifth thing your sports chiropractor wishes you’d stop

    5. Stop being reactive versus proactive

    Many people don’t realize that you don’t have to have an acute injury to come see your chiropractor.  Preventing injuries by having regular maintenance visits are key to keeping the body in optimal shape.  Being proactive about your health ensures that you are able to spend less time rehabbing and more time training and doing what you love.

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