• How often you should see a chiropractor

  • How often you should see a chiropractorHow often you should see a chiropractor would depend on the goals of treatment you set for yourself.

    How often you should see a chiropractor is up to you.  How often you should see a chiropractor  depends on your motivation- alleviating pain, improving performance, or simply wanting to stay healthy.  Your health is your responsibility and a chiropractor should be there for you to serve you however you see fit.  These are some educated choices in regard to the different types of chiropractic health care available.

    There are three types of care:

    Do Nothing Right Now

    Although “Do Nothing At All Now Care” reflects a “save it for a rainy day” attitude, most people understand that the problem will most likely get worse with time. Maybe the symptoms will go away, but the underlying problem still needs to be addressed. I trust that you received important information about your body and your health for future decisions.

    Relief/Band-Aid Care- 3 times per week for 2 weeks

    This type of care is designed for people who want to focus only on relieving immediate symptoms. This is similar to taking an aspirin for low back pain. The pain may temporarily go away but it does nothing to address the underlying cause. Ignoring the cause often leads to more serious problems. In the same way, pressure on the spine and the nervous system can alter physical and chemical structures, possibly leading to dysfunction and degeneration of the soft tissue, nerves, muscles, ligaments, disc and bone. The problem will most likely return again and again, often becoming worse. I am glad to address relief for your immediate symptoms and I will be here for you if you choose to later address and correct the underlying problems.

    Life Enhancement/Corrective Care – once every 4-6 weeks

    Life Enhancement/Corrective Care is what Chiropractic is really all about. This care helps you get the most out of your body for the rest of your life. It goes beyond providing immediate relief and addresses the underlying cause of your problem. Correcting vertebral subluxations, removes the interference in your spine and allows the nervous system to function properly, thus realizing the highest level of health. This level of care is designed to bring about stabilization and healing. This process takes Time, Repetition and Energy. Once your nervous system has started the healing process and functions closer to 100%, it pays you back many times over. You may than develop a stronger immune system, higher energy levels, better sleep patterns, clearer mental focus and a higher quality of Life.

    Our goal at Chiro-Health, Inc is to give you the information and support to make an informed decision about your health care.  The decision is yours.  As always choose chiropractic first.  Visit us at our San Francisco office.