• Soft tissue injuries-Methods of treatment using controlled microtrauma

  • Types of treatment for soft tissue injuries using  controlled microtrauma

    There are many methods of  treatment for  soft tissue injuries using controlled microtrauma.  These treatments work on the ancient principle of purposefully causing a small injury to the body.  In simple words, small and controlled injury to a tissue will initiate inflammation and the  body’s self healing mechanisms.  Example of methods of treatment for soft tissue injuries using controlled microtrauma include:

    Our chiropractors at Chiro-Health, Inc understand the need for soft tissue treatment in order to truly re-educate and maintain optimal joint function.  They are trained in these techniques and are using them on every visit along with the chiropractic adjustment.  Dr. Mazgaloff states  “Our patients experience faster pain resolution, greater ROM and return to full function at a faster rate when we use one or more of the methods of treatment for soft tissue injuries followed by an adjustment.  Many chiropractors do not perform any soft tissue techniques because it takes time.  The adjustment with the soft tissue work  takes 20-30 minutes, while just the chiropractic adjustment takes 5-10 minutes”.

    How does Controlled microtrauma help soft tissue heal

    Using a special instrument, or a glass cup, or simply their hands out chiropractors are trained to detect and treat a variety of soft tissue disorders.  The aim of the induced controlled microtrauma is to initiate a healing response within dysfunctional soft tissue by promoting absorption of disorganized scar adhesions and stimulating the production of healthy connective tissue.   As a result you are able to get better faster, achieve more complete pain relief, enjoy improved range of motion, and attain increased flexibility.

    Common injuries treated with soft tissue techniques using controlled microtrauma  techniques

    • Tendonopathies
    • Sprain/Strains
    • Myofascial Syndromes
    • Nerve Entrapments
    • Trigger Points
    • Scar Tissue Adhesions
    • Edema

    Possible Side Effects Side effects of the methods of treatment for soft tissue injuries using  controlled microtrauma

    Side effects are infrequent and mild.  They result from normal inflammatory processes stimulated during treatment and symptoms may temporarily increase. Typically mild to moderate, these usually are easily controlled with ice in the practitioner’s office or at home. Other side effects include redness, various types of bruising, welting, and soreness.

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