• These stretches will hurt your lower back joints and discs.

  • Do not do these stretches for low back pain.

    Some stretches we learned in high school are just wrong! t will hurt your low back joints and discs every time you do them.   So, just don’t.

    Toe touches will hurt your lower back joints and discs. Bad way to stretch your lower back.  Here’s why.

    The soft tissue (muscles, ligaments, fascia and tendons) simply are NOT designed to support the load of the torso. In this position you have TWO lever and fulcrum systems at work. The 1st system is the pelvis acting as the fulcrum and the torso acting as a long and heavy lever. The 2nd system is the shoulder girdle acting as the fulcrum and your arms acting as another long lever. Combining these two puts tremendous stress and strain on your low back.

    Second problem

    This position allows no isolation of the muscle group that you are trying to stretch. In this case you are stretching four muscle groups at once: calves, hamstrings, low back and upper back. The problem with that is the tightest muscle group will stretch the least and the most flexible muscle will stretch the most.

    Try This: Take two rubber bands one thick and one thin. Tie them together and then pull them apart. You will notice the thick rubber band (analogous to the tight muscle) barely stretches and that the thin rubber band (analogous to the more flexible muscle) stretches far more.  Dr. Mazgaloff explains how this happens here in this video.

    Solution: Always isolate a muscle when you stretch so it is the only one being worked.

    Windmills – will hurt your lower back joints and discs.

    Windmills – second bad way to stretch your lower back.  Here’s why.

    The fibers of your low back discs are at a 30° angle, half going from the lower right to the upper left and the other half going from the lower left to the upper right. As you lean forward and rotate only half the fibers hold, making the discs susceptible to injury and tears.  Try this:  ring a towel really hard and look at the fibers on the top.  They are at their maximum tension.

    Solution: All rotational stretches should be done in a chair sitting up straight and then twisting or lying on your side and hanging your leg over the edge of a bench, bed or couch.

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