• Types of chiropractic care

  • Choose the right type of chiropractic care that aligns with your health goals.

    Acute types of chiropractic care – pain relief chiropractic care

    There are tree types of chiropractic care.  Most people who have never been adjusted, go to the chiropractor because they are in pain.  Most patients leave the office with reduced pain and inflammation,

    increased flexibility and range of motion, and vitality after their first chiropractic adjustment.  This is an example of a pain-relief care or acute chiropractic care.  According to Medicare “Acute care has at its core, the expectation of significant improvement in both subjective and objective symptoms”.  Dr. Mazgaloff , chiropractor at Chiro-Health, Inc in San Ramon and San Francisco, says “At Chiro-Health, acute care lasts 2 weeks and include chiropractic adjustment, traction, massage, electrical stimulation, ice and/or heat.  During this care the patients’ pain, swelling, muscle spasm and subluxation are decrease significantly.  The objective orthopedic tests also improve, indicating increased function”.

    Sub acute types of chiropractic care – stabilization chiropractic care

    Most back, neck, shoulder, hip, wrist pain are caused due to lifestyle.   Adjustments and therapy will continue to help.   If the doctor does not advise on lifestyle change, strengthening and stretching, the treatment will be prolonged and the symptoms will return.  Dr. Amelia Mazgaloff, a chiropractor, at Chiro-Health, Inc in San Ramon and San Francisco, explains:   ” Weeks 2-4 we continue to adjust the spine and the extremities. We add specific rehabilitation exercises to enable the joints to retain the adjustment.  If you had braces you know you need to wear a retainer for years in order for the teeth to maintain their new position.  We cannot attach anything to your spine, so the exercises became a crucial part to retaining your chiropractic adjustment. In our office we spend time on every visit during this phase to do the exercises, to ensure patients know them and do them correctly “.

    Maintenance types of  chiropractic care – wellness care

    During maintenance care we do not expect symptoms to improve,  the patient condition is maintained at particular level.  “At Chiro-Health, San Francisco and San Ramon chiropractic clinic, the decision to transition to maintenance depends on the patients’ goals.  Most of our patients choose this kind of care due to the quality of life it affords them.  Those patients have less recurring pain episodes, they perform at an optimal level.  They and are able to do activities they love doing safely.  Of course, there are those patients who only want to see a chiropractor on as-needed bases, and that’s OK too.  Our protocol for maintenance is every 6-8 weeks depending on your lifestyle and the activities you do,” says Amelia Mazgaloff, DC

    Whatever kind of care you choose, make sure you stay well adjusted and as always choose chiropractic care before surgery and medication.

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