• Common Causes of Back Injuries

  • back-painBack pain is something many people experience. The main recommendation for if you have back pain is to see your doctor or seek chiropractic treatment. There are many ways you can hurt your back. You may stretch wrong or sleep on it weird. You may just feel pain from aging or wear and tear. Here are some of the most common ways people injure their backs.


    One of the most common ways is weekend sports. Many people play pick-up games at their local gym or with friends on the weekends. Doctors say that they see a lot of people coming in for back pain due to some injury they sustain at a weekend basketball game. The main way to prevent this is to stretch properly before a game. Try to take it easy if you are concerned about your back. Playing sports comes with risks so prevent is tricky here.


    Another very common way people injure their backs is from lifting things the wrong way. People need to know to bend their knees and lift with leg muscles. All too often people strain their backs putting all the weight on them. Make sure to keep the object close to the body. Especially do not move something that is more than a quarter of your body weight or something you just think you can’t lift. If you think you can’t, don’t try.


    The next type of back injury is one that is growing fast and that is those who spend a lot of time in the car or behind a computer. Sitting for extended periods of time can have very negative effects on your back. When you move it allows blood flow and the discs in your back to shift. Staying in place for too long can cause them to strain. Staring a computer with your neck in the same position is not good either. People who work computer technology jobs often suffer from chronic back pain just from staring at their computers all day. If you are one of these people who are sitting for extended periods of time, just try to stand up for a few minutes and walk around every few hours or so. Set a timer on your phone to remind you to stand up!


    These are some of the most common back injuries. If you are vulnerable to these try to take preventative measures. Seeing your chiropractor will work wonders if you are having chronic back pain.