• Myths about Physical Therapy

  • Physical TherapyPhysical therapy is something that is very helpful for various people. It will help them to feel better but people are sometime reluctant to seek it as treatment. They fall victim to some of the myths and misconceptions about physical therapy. Here are some of those myths so you do not fall prey to them as well.


    One myth about physical therapy is that it is only for people who have had surgery or suffered a serious accident. Physical therapists help treat a wide array of patients. Physical therapists can help with other ailments such as vertigo. Physical therapists will help people who suffered from sports accidents that do not result in serious surgery.


    In turn a lot of people think that surgery is the only option for them to alleviate their symptoms. Surgery may be the only option in some cases but there are many cases where physical therapy can get the job done. Physical therapy has been shown to be as effective as surgery for multiple types of conditions.



    Another myth is that it is not affordable. Most insurance policies will cover physical therapy if the unfortunate time arises for it. Every policy is different but most should help you cover at least some of the cost.


    Another myth is that physical therapy will cause extreme pain. While the recovery process is a hard and painful one physical therapy has been known to alleviate pain and help one to manage it. Once you get past the threshold physical therapy is worth it and people should not b afraid of some hard work and a little discomfort.


    One myth that is troubling is that most people think you have to have a referral from a doctor for physical therapy. Most places will allow you to seek physical therapy without a referral from a doctor. This allows people free access if they so desire. No one should be afraid to seek physical therapy.


    People also think they can do physical therapy all by themselves. While exercise is very therapeutic having a structured system that designed specifically towards your condition can make all the difference in physical therapy. You would not try to fix your car yourself if you did not know what to do so trying to fix your body when you do not know what to do is an equally bad idea.


    Hopefully this will clear the air and steer you towards physical therapy if you need it.