• Common Sports Related Injuries

  • Sports InjuriesSports injuries are very common among athletes even in low contact sports such as swimming. It cannot be denied that sports ranging from martial arts to even simply jogging all have their risks. Here are some of the most common sports injuries.


    One of the most common sports related injuries are knee injuries. In fact about half of all sports injuries involve knee injuries. Movement of the kneecap repeatedly against the bone causes tissue damage. Basketball, cycling, swimming, football, volleyball and running are the most common sports where these injuries occur. Things that can help you avoid further injury are having correct shoes and being mindful of the surfaces you are running on.

    Other highly common injuries among athletes are sprains and muscle pulls. Sprains are classified as ligaments tearing or overstretching typically in the ankles, wrists or knees. Similarly when muscle pulls occur they involve tendon stretching or tearing.

    Shin splints are another common sports injury and also involve a lot of discomfort. They involve pain along the shin bone on the front of the lower leg. They are very common in people who run or jog and can make the process unbearable to the point that it is impossible to run due to the pain.Shoulder injuries

    Shoulder injuries are very common among athletes particularly those who play basketball or volleyball and even swimmers and weight lifters. Shoulder injuries usually result from overuse. Pitchers in baseball often suffer shoulder injuries due to the high use of their throwing arm to practice and play games. These can be treated with ice and heat before they get unbearably painful.

    Another highly controversial and scary sports injury especially common among American football players are concussions or severe blows to the head. Football being a high contact sport results in a high amount of concussions among players and those are only the documented cases. Many times concussions go unnoticed or unreported by players for fear of being taken out of the game. Concussions can often involve not only head injury but neck injuries as well. Concussions can involve nausea, headaches, disorientation and loss of balance among other things. It takes about two weeks for a concussion to heal which involves a lot of rest. Trauma to the brain is serious and should not be taken lightly. Sometimes the effects are not apparent at first but can develop over time so please see a doctor if you suffer a severe blow to the head.



    It can be said that these injuries should be avoided. However, the high risk, appealing nature of sports creates a draw that most can ignore. We can only hope they take necessary precautions to stay safe and healthy.