• The Value of Exercise Rehabilitation in Chiropractic Care

  • Chiropractic Care

    Chiropractic Care

    Chiropractors are specialized doctors that play an integral part in people’s joint and muscular health. Chiropractors have continued to provide their knowledge and experience to those who have had work related and motor vehicle accident injuries as well as personal injuries. Most chiropractors incorporate exercise in many of their chiropractic treatments. Most of these professionals believe in rehabilitation and strengthening exercises to help the patient to get over their injuries.

    Health Issues

    There are chronic health issues that can arise from myofascial pain conditions and degenerative joint diseases. With those conditions, chiropractic care will usually involve monitored workout programs, done partially over time. The chiropractic patient has to comply with the doctor’s instructions and the patient has to be physically able to carry out some of these instructions without causing further injuries.

    Medical Professions

    Not all medical professions are the same as to the approach taken for treating musculoskeletal injuries. All chiropractic patients have to go by the same guidelines when exercise is prescribed for the injuries. Physical therapy is the prescribed method of chiropractic treatment. However, this is not the first line of treatment offered.

    The First Treatment

    The chiropractor will often conduct a muscular, joint, or spinal examination first using an x-ray machine. The next step is to assess the extent of the injury and then decide on the appropriate chiropractic treatment.

    The Benefits of Exercise

    Exercise is used in chiropractic care when it has the ability to restore strength in the joints or muscles. The patient has to show signs of improvement in functionality as treatment progresses. Exercise will also increase blood flow to the tissues that are injured, resulting in a quicker healing process. It also is able to prevent fibrous adhesions from forming, allowing the muscles to effectively contract and help with ease of joint motion.

    Retraining the Muscles

    Neuromuscular retraining is also another form of chiropractic treatment where muscle movement is encouraged against resistance. This retrains the neural pathway, previously affected by immobilization and pain of the motor unit. With this kind of treatment, neuromuscular movement patterns are prevented from being improperly entrenched so that future pain is not an issue. One example of this may be the abnormal tightening of the muscles, which can cause abnormal spinal movement.


    In the end, exercise rehabilitation restores the capacity and level of aerobic activities, especially if the chiropractic patient’s job requires it. Lower back pain can also be reduced by this aerobic activity. After muscles and joints are strengthened, the chiropractor may employ dynamic muscle training. This will depend on the severity of the injury. See a chiropractor to get back on track.

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