• What To Expect From A Spinal Subluxation

  • Spinal Subluxation

    Spinal Subluxation

    When spine adjustments are done by a chiropractor, the goal is to make corrections to the ill-positioned vertebrae. Misaligned vertebrae, many chiropractors think are subluxated and can obstruct the function of the nerves, resulting in back pain, leg pain, neck pain and arm pain. Spinal subluxation is not a pleasant experience for anyone.

    Nerve Pathway

    Chiropractors are professionals that consider the body as a compilation of nerve pathway, starting from the spine and making its way through the spinal column and to the brain. The spine has many spinal discs and vertebrae. These serve as an area where shock is absorbed and distributed upon the normal movement that humans experience each day. This includes exercise and other forms of mobility.

    The Nerves and the brain

    The nerves in the body are stemmed from the brain. It goes through the spine and then to all other areas of the body. The vertebrae protect the spinal cord from electrical impulses. Therefore, the chiropractor views the spine as the super highway of all things neurological. It is the transmitter of various functions to and from the brain, including autonomic, sensory and motor.

    The Vertebrae

    As long as each vertebrae remains in its rightful place, the electric impulses are able to easily pass freely through, void of any issues. Chiropractors, for this reason, will use spinal adjustments to maintain the ideal condition of the vertebrae and spinal discs. The goal is to make sure that everything is aligned and the nerve root is protected, giving patients overall good health.

    Spinal Subluxation

    When the vertebrae are not in alignment, the patient suffers from spinal subluxation or a bulging disk. The patient then has various systems such as an impaired immune system, pain, fatigue and obvious imbalance. When you go to the chiropractor, you can expect that you will have an X-ray done to locate and analyze the problem and subsequently receive chiropractic treatment to correct the spinal subluxation or bulging disk.

    Spinal Adjustment

    When you go for chiropractic care for the first time, your spine will be evaluated to establish the real cause of the pain and the ideal treatment. Your discomfort will be found when the chiropractor does a thorough examination. If spinal subluxation is the diagnosis, then your chiropractor will recommend treatment to the affected areas. The specific treatment would likely be spinal adjustments or spinal manipulation. When you are undergoing the spinal adjustments, you will be placed in a specific position where the affected areas will be targeted. You will lay face down or on your side on a padded table. The chiropractor will apply the hands in a controlled motion to the affected area. You might hear a cracking or popping sound during this particular chiropractic treatment.


    In any case, once you have issues with your joint or spine, it is best to seek chiropractic care as soon as possible. A few treatments will only serve to relieve the pain and put your body back to where you will experience good health. Schedule your chiropractic appointment soon.

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