• How to Use Unconventional Medical Care for Whiplash Treatment

  • Whiplash Treatment

    Whiplash Treatment

    Whiplash treatment is something that is necessary when your neck aches and you are in discomfort. Have you experienced whiplash before? Well, whether you have or not, this condition is actually an injury to the neck, which occurs when someone’s head is unintentionally and violently thrown backwards and forwards. This could take place during a vehicle collision or other instances where injury is possible.

    The Condition and Symptoms

    When you have whiplash, it can affect your tendons, muscles and ligaments, but also your spinal joints and nerves. It is mostly consequential to a car accident or when someone is playing in a sporting event that calls for a lot of aggressive action such as hockey and football. The most common symptoms and warning signs for whiplash are:

    • Reduction in neck motion
    • Weak neck muscles
    • Neck pain
    • Neck inflammation
    • Shoulder pain
    • Shoulder weakness
    • Dizziness
    • Constant headaches
    • Shooting pain up the arms

    Choosing Care

    You can choose to do physical therapy or chiropractic care, among other treatments to recover from whiplash. When you start feeling the pain, you might first consider scheduling a doctor’s visit, but most physicians do not know much about musculoskeletal medicine. If the injury is severe, you have to see a chiropractor specialist, especially for a second opinion. The chiropractor will probably do an X-ray first. Other initial whiplash treatments would probably be a CT scan or an MRI.

    The Diagnosis

    Doing so, the chiropractor will be able to appropriately diagnose the injury and of course, have a better understanding of the injury and what needs to be done. The tests will show whether there is any bone injury or tissue injury such as herniated disks, spinal cord damage or torn ligaments. Your chiropractor will likely also recommend physical therapy later on in the whiplash treatment. Many chiropractors have an in-house physical therapist. This type of whiplash treatment allows you to go through some massing, exercising and stretching, which is good for the muscles and ligaments, getting them back to their original state.


    Many people with whiplash will think about acupuncture. Some chiropractors will offer this type of service. This is an unconventional and traditional Chinese form of treatment, but many people swear by it. What is acupuncture? Well, if you don’t know, it is sticking thin needles into certain pressure points of the muscle. This is to lessen the inflammation and pain, potentially stimulating the healing process.


    However, in the grand scheme of things, a chiropractor is the professional with the most spinal, nerve and whiplash treatment experience. The chiropractic care involves adjusting the muscles, aligning the spine and manipulating the joints. Once the pain has been reduced and your neck motion has changed for the better, you will know for sure that chiropractic care works and now it is time to move on to isometric exercises to strengthen your neck area.

    Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/torontophysiotherapyclinic/9790938993/