• Chiropractic Care versus Other Methods of Care

  • Chiropractor Treatment

    Chiropractor Treatment

    If you have problems with chronic pain, it is best to seek help from a qualified and experienced chiropractor. In the chiropractic field, the emphasis is placed on using the body to heal itself. For that reason, less emphasis is placed on surgery and prescribed drugs. Chiropractors receive a vast extent of training in managing musculoskeletal conditions. This training has provided chiropractors with the ability to offer safe and effective treatments. Chiropractic treatment, in particular focuses on the neck and back pains that individuals are experiencing. More importantly, adjustments during a chiropractor visit impacts the body at a deeper cellular level.

    The Impact

    This means chiropractic care may impact the fundamental physiological procedures that have an influence on DNA repair and oxidative stress. Therefore, it goes beyond the immediate alignment of the spine. It takes care of deeper issues in the body. The most important aspect of chiropractic care is to never forget that this is an available and viable option instead of choosing prescription drugs. An example is therapeutic massage that chiropractors offer. It has been discovered that this type of simple treatment is significant in improving the body functions and has proven to aid in eliminating neck and back pain.

    The Alternatives Combined

    Other complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in addition to chiropractic treatment that has helped patients includes:

    • Spinal manipulation
    • Acupuncture
    • Mobilization

    Together with chiropractic care, CAM is essential in providing short term and long term relief for lower back pain and neck pain. So, it is great news for back pain and neck pain sufferers that there are options. Some chiropractors offer all or some of these alternative treatments to patients. It is important to ask.

    Pain Medications

    There are so many Americans who rely on anti-inflammatory medication in an attempt to alleviate their pain. However, prescribed drugs are quite dangerous and patients can become so reliant on them, to the extent that they can be addictive. Prescribed drugs or over-the-counter drugs for chronic pain could severely increase the risks of stroke, cardio health, digestive issues, high blood pressure, kidney issues and heart attack. It is quite hard to find prescribed medication for pain that does not have a side effect. For that reason, you should rely on the expertise of a chiropractor in the event that you are feeling any kind of chronic pain.

    The Natural Solution

    Chiropractic care is the natural solution to chronic pain. It has no side effects and ongoing treatment could alleviate other issues that you did not even know you had. Therefore, if you are having pain in the neck, lower back or other areas of the body, make sure you schedule a chiropractic visit sooner rather than later.

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