• Can Chiropractic Care Improve the Functioning of Your Immune System?

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    Chiropractic Care

    The immune system and nervous system in the body are synchronized and hardwired to work in unison, creating the desired optimum responses in order to adapt and appropriately heal itself. Misalignment of the spine is usually as a result of neural dysfunctions, which can prove to be very stressful. Subsequently, this stress on the body can lead to inadequacy and lack of harmony for the immune system response. When the chiropractor provides chiropractic care and does alterations to the spine, it is a way to provide a solution to these issues, subsequently boosting the coordinated responses of the immune system and the nervous system. It is, then, important to find the most experienced chiropractor in order to improve your health.

    The Coordination

    The lymphoid organs are coordinated by the nervous system. This includes the:

    • Lymph nodes
    • Spleen
    • Thymus
    • Bone marrow

    With these organs in good shape, the immune response will be more efficient. Evidence has shown that the functioning of the immune system is regulated partly by the sympathetic division of the nervous system. For that reason, conditions related to chiropractic care like sublaxation is treatable. A chiropractor will align the spine and keep it from compressing and irritating the nerve pathways because subsequently, it will affect the organs in the body.

    Stress in the Nerves

    Sublaxation causes stress in the nerves and this will affect the sufferer’s neuronal control. Many chiropractors that offer chiropractic care consider these stressful conditions to result in altered measures pertaining to the immune system function. The sufferer would then be vulnerable to other forms of diseases. Did you know that inflammatory diseases such as arthritis are influenced by the endocrine, immune and nervous systems? For that reason, it is important to take care of these essential influences.

    Corrective Adjustments

    There are some chiropractor offices that offer chiropractic care services to the injured, but also wellness based services to those not injured. Chiropractors will usually assess the spine to either dismiss or not dismiss sublaxation. If there is sublaxation, the chiropractor will provide corrective adjustments in order to take the stress from the nervous system. Many chiropractors have discovered that the use of thoracic adjustment would greatly increase the person’s white blood cells count. So instead, corrective adjustments have been the method used by most chiropractors.


    It is of significance for chiropractors to manage the strong influence that stress on the nervous system has on diseases and injuries. The spine is the central to keeping you healthy. Many illnesses and injuries can be treated by a chiropractor, improving the function of the immune system.

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