• Whiplash Treatment from a Chiropractor

  • Whiplash Injury

    Whiplash Injury

    Every year, there are about two million people in America to suffer from some type of whiplash related injury. In all the cases, chiropractic care could be of the greatest benefit. A chiropractor is helpful to chiropractic patients that experience the short term and long term impact of a whiplash injury. Before considering the multiple benefits that a chiropractor offers in whiplash treatment, let’s take a brief look at whiplash injury to find out what it really is.

    The Whiplash Occurrence

    Whiplash is the non-medical terminology for an injury that causes a sprain or strain in the neck’s soft tissues. This injury is thought have occurred during an accident where the cervical spine or the neck is forced abruptly into a sudden movement or stretch, beyond the regular range of motion. The neck gets a sudden backward jolt and then propel forward unexpectedly out of its range of motion. As a result, the excessive force on the neck and spine causes an overload injury. The ligament fibers and muscles in the neck could be torn during the preliminary injury. In some cases, the person can suffer injury to the:

    • Discs
    • Intervertebral joints
    • Nerve roots

    Some people will experience minor injury while others will be more severe. The preliminary injury is terrible, but the post injury is even worse as the body responds to the impact over time. If no chiropractic care is administered, then it gets even worse.

    The Injury

    As the injury progresses, it limits the person’s movement in the neck and head. The sufferer can experience stiffness in the neck, inflammation and subsequently, chronic and unbearable pain. People usually get whiplash during a traffic accident with two or more motor vehicles. The impact of the crash or collision is what results in the whiplash. This could also occur in a sporting event among players or even a recreational event.

    The Symptoms

    Some of the identifiable symptoms of whiplash include migraine headaches. Since the impact took place in the neck area, there will be a headache and pain in the neck. Additional symptoms could include:

    • Stiffness in the neck
    • Back or shoulder pain
    • Dizziness
    • Blurred vision
    • Numbness in the area

    If you are a victim of a motor vehicle or sporting accident, be sure to seek the care of a chiropractor. Sometimes, the symptoms do not show up until weeks or months after the accident. Don’t wait until you see the signs and symptoms. It is to your benefit to receive chiropractic care. Treatment should begin right away.

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