• The Expectations from a Chiropractic Visit

  • Chiropractic Visit

    Chiropractic Visit

    What should you expect from a chiropractic visit? Do you really know? If you are a new chiropractic patient, you may not be aware of the details associated with a chiropractic visit. Well, let us take a closer look. Most experienced and trained chiropractors will want to get a thorough patient history before actually providing any service. The chiropractor will want to get your medical history to find out if there are any health issues to be concerned about. Your health issues may be related to your spinal cord and nervous system. This is one of the reasons why the chiropractor must get some insight on your health.

    Getting the Information

    The chiropractor will also try to find out more information about the patient’s home ergonomics. For instance, the patient may have slept in a sofa or may have been sitting in an uncomfortable chair to have the existing symptoms. A patient with low back pain may also have a habit of propping up the feet while seated. The chiropractor armed with specific knowledge of the patient’s habits can provide a better analysis for appropriate treatment and be able to educate the patient.

    The Injuries

    As it relates to work injuries, the chiropractor may have instances where the complaint has a distinct relation to the spine. This is especially true for blue collar employees who work in the field, doing hard physical work. Fifty percent of the patients that visit the chiropractic office will find that their x-ray results show that there is a malformed vertebra from an accident that may have occurred during childhood. Note, however, Wolf’s Law dictates that these injuries cannot cause a malformation after the patient reached the age of eleven.

    Work Environment

    The chiropractor also takes the person’s work environment into consideration. If your complaint is related to problems you are having with your wrist, you may be advised to use a wrist rest that is gel based. If you are experiencing consistent cervical problems, your computer monitor at work may be either too low or too high. Like other things, the chiropractor can only help you with knowledge of exterior factors influencing your health issues.

    Assessing the Situation

    Radiology is one of the areas of discipline that a chiropractor is trained. With this training, the chiropractor is able to take x-rays, but read and interpret them accordingly. The chiropractor will point out all the stress areas of the spine and analyze the type of treatment necessary.


    When in doubt of what your chiropractor is telling you, be sure to ask as many questions as it will take to understand. Expect to spend at least an hour or more at the chiropractor and a few more hours when you are a new patient. Listen to instructions given prior to leaving the appointment. It is likely that you may receive an adjustment to your spine, if necessary. If the adjustment causes pain, be sure to speak up. Keep future appointments because this is the only way that you will eventually get rid of the problem.

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