• San Francisco Chiropractor explains Knee Pain without Injury. Dr. Amelia Mazgaloff, a chiropractor San Francisco explains the “unexplained knee pain”

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    San Francisco Chiropractor explains Knee Pain without Injury. 

    At Chiro-Health, Inc, San Francisco chiropractic office we see a lot of avid runners many of whom have finished marathons and triathlons. One of the most common complaints I get from runners is unexplained knee pain. They will usually mention nothing about an injury to the knee. It usually starts off with just a little knee ache that comes and goes. Nothing major; just mild discomfort. As time goes on, the knee pain becomes more frequent and intense to the point where it stops you from training.

    Unexplained knee pain – may not be the knee at all. Surprised?

    In the absence of an acute injury and moderate to advanced degenerative changes in the knee, unexplained knee pain is more often a result of an imbalanced pelvis than a specific problem with the knee itself. What I mean by that is there can be a misaligned pelvis, which will cause one leg to appear shorter than the other. This is called a functional short leg, not to be confused with an anatomical short leg. The difference is, someone who was born with a physically noticeable difference in their legs from right to left will be said to have an anatomical short leg. This is very rare. For the majority of the population, we will be faced with having a functional short leg, which is really common.

    Uneven pelvis will cause knee pain

    Over time, as you stress your body, the spinal bones and pelvis will become misaligned. When this occurs and there is one leg shorter than the other, then there will also be uneven weight placed on each leg with every step taken day after day. Just imagine how many steps one take on a daily basis. Small misalignments in the pelvis, spine, knee and feet settle in. Overuse in this misaligned position causes micro inflammation, uneven stretch and strain in the muscles and ligaments around the joints and finally pain. You add all the running which puts about 5 times your weight into your joints, and we have knee pain.

    Chiropractic for knee pain relief

    This is a very easy problem to correct. The chiropractors at Chiro-Health, Inc in San Francisco would be able to simply check for leg length inequality, as well as imbalanced muscles in the legs and pelvis. We use chiropractic adjustments to re-balance the pelvis, and along with restorative muscle work and supportive exercise we are able to restore proper alignment, function, relief pain and maintain for years to come. Based on the results, we’d be able to better understand how to correct the misaligned pelvis.

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