• San Francisco Chiropractor Helps Alleviates Pain caused by Auto Accidents

  • The smallest of car crashes can cause injuries to the human body severely. Vehicles don’t show signs of damage up to 12 MPH, however it is extremely possible that the humans have sustained injuries at these low speeds. Over half of all whiplashes occur in accidents where the vehicle has no damage. After an accident, I suggest a visit to a San Francisco chiropractor.

    Accident victims don’t not feel the effects of injuries immediately after the crash. However, a San Francisco chiropractic specialist can locate possible trauma to the victim’s back. An appointment with a doctor of chiropractic soon after the accident will save your skeletal structures longevity and may be helpful later for insurance claims.

    During the consultation by chiropractors, patients are asked to describe what happened as the accident occurred. Dr.Mazgaloff may ask about speeds of vehicles in the accident and the direction from which the patient’s vehicle was hit. Patients will want to ensure that the San Francisco chiropractor knows about all aches and pains.

    Once patients have been evaluated, the San Francisco chiropractic specialist will recommend a therapy plan. Patients sometimes need to return each week to ensure the spine is readjusting correctly after the injuries. The chiropractor probably will restrict certain movements to help with healing.

    ChiroHealth Inc will have a San Francisco chiropractic expert make use of chiropractic adjustments. These maneuvers help to bring balance back to your body. This is helps promote healing.

    Please do not hesitate to visit the chiropractor as soon as possible. Visit chirohealthsf.com or call us now to make an appointment!