• Lasting lower back pain relief!

  • What can I do for my back pain?  What is the most effective lower back pain treatment?   How do I know what treatment will provide the fastest and the longest lasting  lower back pain relief?

    by Amelia Mazgaloff, Doctor of Chiropractic

    As a chiropractor I am asked these questions daily, all great questions, when we are in pain wanting fast relief.   The better question however is why do I have back pain?  Identifying the symptoms, along with an accurate diagnosis of the underlying cause of the pain, is the first step in obtaining effective back pain relief.

    More often than not the cause of the back pain is misdiagnosed due to the fact that the symptoms and severity of lower back pain vary greatly. While a simple lower back strain may be excruciating and a cause for an emergency room visit, an alarming 9mm disc budge might cause only a mild low back pain.  In many cases your MRI may be negative, but you could still be in excruciating pain.

    The most common misdiagnosis of lower back pain is muscle spam, for which you are given muscle relaxers.  While they provide back pain relief, they will not correct the cause of the pain.  In other words they can provide back pain relief but they are poor low back pain treatment.low back pain

    The lower back is a complicated structure of interconnected tendons, muscles, soft tissue, nerve roots, and highly sensitive nerves that travel from the spine to the legs and feet, small and unique joints called facet joints.  An irritation to any of these can cause lower back pain, or pain radiating to the legs and feet.  But what causes the irritation to these structures?

    The simple answer is aberrant motion in the facet joints that occur over the years.  As a chiropractor I have studied the spine and I have provided lower back pain relief for over 17 years. I can say confidently that all back conditions that are not due to acute trauma or fracture, that cause lower back pain, muscle spasm, disc budges, nerve irritation, tendonitis, chronic inflammation, start with a simple misalignment or subluxation of the facet joints that goes untreated.  Over the years who has not bent a little too far, lifted too much, fell from a ladder, mis-stepped and felt a twinge in the back, arched too much, ran too far, sat too long, and gotten low back pain?  We take pain medication, ice, rest, massage the muscles to treat the symptoms and the pain goes away, but the dysfunction remains.  In any of these scenarios what happens is that the facet joints misalign in the direction of the movement. This misalignment causes muscles, tendons, ligaments to overstretch or tighten. The range of motion in the facet joint at the specific level of misalignment decreases. Inflammation starts and irritates the sensitive nerves. The pressure on the disc changes, which forces the disc to wedge.  Over time the body manages to shut off the pain, but we continue to use the joints in this less than optimal position, and this sets off a cyclical process that goes on unnoticed.  Discs and joints degenerate. Nerve foramina narrow. Nerves become hypersensitive. Stiffness and pain become more frequent and with time chronic.

    Lower back pain treatment should start with relieving the pain first and then restoring the proper motion in the joints, so that the back pain treatment and benefit is longer lasting.  Chiropractors are the only doctors who can identify the specific level and the direction of joint dysfunction.  During a chiropractic treatment the chiropractor uses their hands to deliver a lower back pain treatment in a form of spinal adjustment to restore the proper motion, improve function, providing lower back pain relief.  Chiropractic is an effective, safe, and natural treatment for low back pain relief that provides life time benefits.

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