• OMT Therapy from the Dr. Oz Show here in San Francisco.

  • Well, more or less. Recently Dr. Oz was on TV talking about No-Pill Pain fighters, and he prominently featured an Osteopathic Physician on there who was talking about OMT.


    What is OMT, and how do you get it in San Francisco?

    OMT is Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy, and it is a form of SMT: Spinal Manipulative Therapy. OMT is basically the same thing as the spinal manipulative technique that chiropractors use. the most important part of manipulative techniques is not the technique itself, but the skill of the doctor performing the procedure.

    It’s hard to find Osteopaths who do manipulation, but that’s okay. There are plenty of chiropractors to choose from. Chiropractors perform 95% of the manipulation in the United States, so as an aggregate, doctors of chiropractic are the industry experts in spinal manipulation and extremity manipulation.

    So, if you were watching the Dr. Oz show this morning and you saw this technique being used, don’t worry, your chiropractors at ChiroHealth are ready to fill the role.

    Todd Lloyd, DC