• Is your neck pain coming from poor posture?

  • Your good posture is very important for the health of all of the bones, joints, and muscles in your neck. When your head is square over your shoulders, the bones are stacked upon each other as they should be stacked naturally. This alignment of the bones provides the normal amounts of stress on the surfaces of the joints. And, when your bones and joints are in their proper position, your muscles have an easier job of bracing and controlling the movements in your spine.

    If you don’t maintain good posture, that’s when problems can add up. Typically when people have a poor posture, their neck is too far forward over their chest instead of over their shoulders. When they have this, the muscles strain to overcome the geometric forces that this imbalance causes. It takes much, much more force to pull their heads back over their bodies. The joints suffer in these poor posture people. With the head forward and the shoulders rolled in, the joints lose their normal articulation, and there is too much stress on the surface. This stress can actually produce changes in the bones, where the bones will degenerate and form bone spurs to protect them better.

    This poor posture is not for you. May is good posture month. This is the month where it is time for you to pay attention to your posture. Sit up high at work. Stand tall when walking down the street. Pay attention to your body mandala. Know that when you are reading a book or looking at your droid on the train, that your posture is probably suffering for it.

    It’s also a good time to take care of the aches in your body that is maing it harder for you to stand or sit up straight and tall. If you have irritation in your neck or back, this will inhibit your muscles that allow you to sit up high. If you have a problem in one of your discs in your spine, it’s time to treat it so it doesn’t force you to hunch forward. This is called an “antalgic lean”, and it can put a lot of stressful forces on the joints in your spine.

    chiropractic San Francisco care is a natural help for posture. Chiropractic care restores the function and alignment in the spine so it is easier for you to sit up straight. It makes it easier for you to move in your world. It gives you a headstart and a fighting chance to give yourself a better posture.

    Todd Lloyd, DC
    chiropractor in San Francisco